Colours of Love

Colours of Love

Première 1994, Amsterdam

A collage of stories about love; a kaleidoscopic performance that carries you away in a dream of poetry, drama and dance.

Inspired by: the letters of Abélard and Heloise; Oscar Wilde’s ´Salome´; poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, Anna Achmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva; de Marquis de Sade; the story of Narcissus; and the theatre works of van Tenessee Williams, Naomi, Colm Fagan, Nick Leslie and others.


Brian. Andre: Passer by; Herod

Tatiana Kouzovkina: Geisha; Woman in Pink; Salomé

Frouke Flieringa: Heloïse; Yerma; Woman in Yellow

Grainne Delaney: Housewife; Maria; Woman in Green

Saskia Jelsma: Naomi; Mme. de Sade: Woman in White

Olga Luzgina: Woman in Blue:

Forest Naylor: Narcissus; John the Baptist:

Nick Leslie: Monk

Bartha Jelsma-Rusticus: Mme. De Montreuil

Director/Set design: Vladimir Koifman

Choreography: Tamara Rosso

Music: Arik Politi

Costumes: Masha Mikushina

Set: Anton Mokhnatkin

Photograpy: Floris Andrea

Production: Reyneke van der Linde