A Seagull


Première 1992 Amsterdam

A. P. Chekhov

The action takes place in and around a country house. A group of guests, amongst which a famous actress and a well known writer, have gathered for the summer. Love, absurdity, doubt and tragedy follow each other. A is in love with B, B with C and no one has any idea of real life. No one is listening, they all hold on to their own monologue and try to realize their separate dreams…


Treplev: Michael Manicardi

Zarechnaya: Tatiana Kouzovkina

Arkadina: Petra Stork

Trigorin: Neville Powis

Shamrayev: Istvan Hezso

Polina: Frouke Flieringa

Masha: Saskia Jelsma

Dorn: Vladimir Korshunov

Sorin: Tomas Monti

Medvedenko: Mikhail Belinson

Director/set design: Vladimir Koifman

Assistant director: Erik Schuurman

Set: Sean Little, Albert Bakx, Maurice Camps

Technique: Eugene Swartz, Attila Nemeth

Costumes: Jan Roorda, Kitty Stoop


”… Love in al its forms is the guideline of  A SEAGULL, one of the masterpieces of Anton Chekhov performed by this new international theatre company. This prototype of ‘one wants the other and the other wants another one’ doesn’t have leading characters or sensational highlights; the drama lies in the poetical atmosphere in which subtly becomes clear how imperfect human nature is … …the wonderful set and costumes and the unique architecture of the theatre make the performance even more impressive.

LUNA, Juni 1992